Mirela real estate agency


For more than 25 years Mirela Ltd. is a leading real estate company with professional experience and winning model of work based on successful business strategy and highly motivated staff.


MIRELA Ltd. is a company registered at the Sofia. Official statistical number BG 130471646. The company was first established as a legal entity in 1991 with a place of business in the city of Sofia and major activity- real estate sales and purchases.


The company is represented by the Managing Director Miroslav Hristov.
Mirela Real Estate Agency was established in 1991 and has had the ambition for permanent and distinguished presence on the real estate market ever since. Since its start, the agency has been oriented toward serving a wide range of clients, striving to cover all segments of the real estate market.


The agency relies on teams of young educated professionals, specialized in servicing separate regions and diverse types of property. Ambitious, qualified and experienced, we offer you high quality service in estate deals, investment and off-plan project consulting, property management, and mortgage loans. The number of the representative offices constantly encrases. We differentiated trade departments for residential property, administrative and commercial space, industrial property, houses, plots, and land.
Our agents are specialized in client’s service and cover all segment of Bulgarian real estate market.


  • Mirela real estate agency offers a full package of intermediary, consulting and juridical service at purchase, sell, lease, rent and management of real estates:
  • Intermediation at property purchase deal
  • Intermediation at property sale deal
  • Intermediation at property lease deal
  • Intermediation at property renting out deal
  • Full client consultation and organization of mortgage credit acquisitions
  • Property management package
  • Off-plan and project consulting for investment and development projects with residential and business areas
  • Investment consulting
  • Legal assistance in realized deals
  • Preparation of notarial deeds and documents certifying real estate transaction
  • Authorized representation of the client before Bulgarian state and municipal institutions in relation to property acquisitions
  • Organization of foreign client’s stay
  • Provision of professional advice on interior design, reorganization and furnishing of the purchased property.


Our philosophy at work is to be loyal, friendly and professional. We treat all our clients and colleagues with the utmost care and respect.
While growing steadily and gaining recognition as one of the leading companies in real estate, we have elaborated successful business and advertising strategies, based on printed media and Internet advertisement, and managerial decision-making models, conforming to the requirements of our clients.
Loyalty and individual approach are the main principles in the value system of our daily work.
We created the unique Special Client service - a trade mark of Mirela real estate agency, as an expression of our style and our respect for you, our clients.
One of our indisputable advantages is our ability to create united teams of highly motivated agents and experts, young educated professionals specialized in servicing different regions and types of property. We have developed our own administrative system for real estate database management, which allows us to publish and update a great number of property sale and rental ads. Mirela Ltd. is a leader in corporate Internet real estate marketing. The IT department of the agency manages over 10 websites targeted at Bulgarian and foreign clients.
Our main site www.mirela.bg provides detailed information and numerous photos of all offers and is constantly attracting new visitors. Our crew has the experience and the qualification to present and offer off-plan investment projects.


These 25 years have brought us the appraisal of our clients and colleagues as being a loyal partner and an unarguable leader in real estate in Bulgaria. On the list of our clients one can find state and municipal structures, embassies, banks, Bulgarian and foreign companies, and, of course, ordinary people.


  • Accumulated experience and routine over the years
  • Professional and ethical attitude to our business
  • Well selected team of responsible, intelligent and ambitious young people
  • Excellent technical and informational background of our activity
  • Guaranteed legal protection of our clients
  • Our reputation

Our shortcomings are a challenge for us!

Presentation of Mirela Real Estate